Purging & archiving excess data

The data growth challenge

Today, even in our personal lives, we are swamped by data. In business, this deluge of data is even more pronounced. As copies and clones of data are produced for testing, development, training and security, the quantity of data to manage can quickly spiral out of control.

Untamed data growth places a strain on both human and technical resources. It adds to costs, reduces productivity and can pose a serious threat to a business. In an increasingly competitive environment, where remaining lean and agile is essential, application data management is now of strategic importance.

The problem is that while data is growing at unprecedented levels, IT storage and staffing budgets are not growing at the same pace. IT teams have to do more with less and need to find a smart solution to manage this growing data load.

Optimizing ERP data

To optimize performance and reduce risk, only the most business critical, frequently accessed data should be kept in the ERP production environment. In our experience up to 50% of the data in the JD Edwards production environment is largely or totally inactive and should be extracted and stored in the most appropriate format. However, this is easier said than done due to the complexity of data relationships in JD Edwards. If data purging is not done correctly, integrity issues will cause out of balance reporting in the production environment.

ARCTOOLS can help you safely and efficiently purge data that is no longer needed and move inactive data from the production environment to more cost effective storage. It is a proven and cost-effective solution that has already been used by hundreds of JD Edwards clients worldwide. To find out more, please visit, www.arctools.com