Real-time (RF) automated data collection

From the shop floor to the customer's door

Leading technology research organizations – including AMR, Gartner Research, The Meta Group and Venture Development Corp. – agree that utilizing real-time automated data collection (ADC, or often, RF) to feed information to an enterprise software system (ERP) substantially improves the return on investment for the entire ERP investment.

The fact that ADC provides ROI benefits is clearly established. The challenge for most companies interested in determining the ROI on ADC is identifying where their returns occur and how to calculate those returns. In determining ROI, a good place to start is on procedures that are inefficient, inaccurate, or otherwise ineffective using paper as the process driver. Improving performance, operational efficiency or staff productivity in one area will usually add additional value up or down the materials management or manufacturing process chain.

RF data collection is the fastest most effective way to increase inventory accuracy to 99.99%, improve picking accuracy to 99.99% and enhance productivity by up to 20% in warehousing and manufacturing environments.

RF-SMART Enterprise Mobile Solutions take over where ERP systems leave off – on the execution side of the business where work is performed by non-office based employees. From the warehouse and shop floor to field sales, delivery and even retail, RF-SMART maximizes productivity and accuracy. To learn more on improving accuracy, productivity, visibility and profitability across functions visit