Cloud-based application management

Enterprise Application Cloud Services for the 21st Century

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the backbone of high-performance organizations. When deployed so the technology can easily adapt to changing organizational needs, studies show that companies close month-end financials faster, achieve higher customer satisfaction, make business decisions more quickly, increase operational precision, and improve profitability.

Information technology is a strategic imperative in helping the organization achieve these goals, and IT teams are increasingly measured on their contribution to the business – not the number of projects they complete. Of course, the day-to-day tasks still need to get done: managing the IT infrastructure, keeping enterprise software current, and maintaining service levels for application availability, security and control. To accomplish both, forward-thinking organizations are leveraging cloud-based application services to maximize the business value of their applications, while also giving them more time to focus on new initiatives that improve a company's competitive advantage.

The demonstrated value proposition of cloud-based managed application services includes:

  • Lower operational cost (10-40%)
  • Higher service levels
  • Improved performance (compute on demand)
  • Access to more advanced technology
  • Flexible, enabling greater business agility

With cloud computing the organization gains business efficiencies from:

For organizations that rely on enterprise resource planning systems to process business transactions and facilitate operational and financial control, reporting and analytics, hosting software in a virtual private cloud environment lowers operational costs, increases availability and improves security while reducing demands on IT staff, eliminating IT capital investments, and providing scalability on systems and resource availability.

Velocity hosts and actively manages ERP and complementary software applications; no single company or its IT staff can match our knowledgebase of experience running enterprise software. Expertise managing software 24/7, combined with proprietary technology that enhances availability, security, application control and user experience, makes Velocity the trusted partner for quickly and securely moving existing and future ERP investments into the cloud. To learn more about cloud-based application service and the benefits of moving your ERP into the cloud, visit us at